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Acute Care

The Foundation provides many items of equipment for the treatment and evaluation of patients in this area of the Health Services. Recently we have provided four new vital sign monitors, three heart monitors, a vein viewer, and many more pieces of equipment needed by hospital staff. 

Often Long Term Care patients waiting for placement in Nursing Homes are required to remain in Acute Care until a location is available. Specific patients require specialized equipment and the Foundation provides such items as lounge chairs, specialized commodes, over-bed tables, therapeutic mattresses, televisions, and other supplies that meet their needs.

Adult Day Program

The Foundation provides funding for the staff to purchase requested supplies and equipment to allow them to provide constructive activities for those who attend. The program provides individuals a chance to socialize and enjoy fun activities. It also allows caregivers the ability to complete their own shopping, attend appointments, or just relax.

Emergency Department

The Foundation provides specialized equipment for the hospital staff to carry out, analyze, and treat emergency patients. One such item recently purchased was a Portable Ultrasound, which is invaluable in detecting physical problems onsite rather than having to transport patients to larger health facilities. Another recently purchased item was the Laryngoscope, which is used during rapid intubation of acutely ill patients. This device was immensely valuable during the recent pandemic.

The Emergency Department also includes a space that is used for minor treatment care. Outpatients can receive care for conditions such as transfusions, IVs, wound care, cast removals, as well as minor medical concerns.

Home Care

When requested, the Foundation provides certain needs of the Nursing Staff in order to be able to treat patients in their homes. These needs include blood pressure cuffs, special therapeutic mattresses, walkers, thermometers, miscellaneous nursing needs, and a file cabinet to keep their records in the Home Care Area.

Lab Services

The Foundation recently contributed a large sum of money to provide the lab with a new Blood Gas Analyzer. This item allows testing to happen onsite rather than having to transport blood samples to larger health facilities for analysis.

We also recently provided them with an IV Warmer, Qmatic timer, and Stamper for the lab waiting area. The Foundation provided the funds to relocate the phlebotomy department to the new area as part of the plan to relocate the entire lab to its new location. 

Palliative Care

The Foundation purchased comforters, bedding, television, comfortable chairs, coffee maker, sleep chairs, and roll cots for family members who wish to remain overnight with their family members during the end-of-life experience.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

The Foundation has provided specific equipment such as an extra tall phlebotomy chair, electric parallel bars, extra-wide wheelchairs, and a wheelchair scale.  A bodyguard upright bike, and stair climber, as well as physio gym equipment, was purchased for patient treatment programs. An interferential system was purchased to aid in patient recovery with sprains, torn ligaments, and broken bones.

White Rose Program

During the end of life phase of a patient's life, a white rose is put on the door of the patient's room and a lit candle is placed at the Nursing Station to provide a visual clue to visitors and health care providers to signify that the family is dealing with an end-of-life situation.

The Nursing staff brings up a refreshment card for the family which includes beverages as well as a light snack.

This program provides comfort and compassion to the family during the final hours being spent with a loved one.

The Foundation also provides booklets explaining the White Rose program as well as other facets of the last stages of life to help individuals deal with the death of a loved one.

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